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released February 12, 2016

Kyle Niland – vocals
Casey Nealon – guitar
Connor Jones – guitar
Sam Yarmuth – bass
Mike Ralston – drums

Engineered by Ryan Abbott at Side Two.

Artwork by Nick Hamm.



all rights reserved


GLORY Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Coward
What have you done to claim this place?
Don’t have the time to show your fucking face?

Guess you grew up and forgot the words.
Guess you were weak; too weak for our world.

This was only your fantasy.
We don’t need you around.
Track Name: Bullshit Unity
Falling in line with a trend.
Where do you think this will end?
Going backwards. Without a chance.

Loss of meaning. Loss of stance.
Going backwards. Without a chance.

All the same. Nothing’s new.
You try so hard. Try being you.

You fell for the lie you’ve been told.
The bullshit unity you’ve been sold.
Track Name: All Wrong
Nothing to say but you still choose to fight.
Total fucking loser just trying to be right.

Think you’ve got the answers but you’ve got it all wrong.
Head up your ass; can’t even see what’s going on.

Bad fucking attitude.

You got it all wrong.
We knew it all along.
Track Name: The Walls
Nowhere to hide without your friends.
Your life of safety comes to an end.

You’re in the shadows. Hiding in fear.
Nowhere to turn. No one to hear.

I broke down the walls you cowered behind.
I watched you fall. You’re out of time.
Track Name: No Division
I’m here to listen to what you gotta say.
No need for division. No need to turn away.

Keeping you on track. It’s what I gotta do.
You and me together. We’ll see it fucking through.
Track Name: Lessons
I want your voice to be fucking heard.
I want lessons to be fucking learned.

New ideas and people who listen.
Together we will make the difference.

Sisters and brothers, we’ll continue to fight.

Keep pushing forward. Keep pushing forward.
Keep pushing forward till we set this right.